• Bab's a Good Friend who I met at Age Concern

    Barbara Cloke

  • In Loving Memory of Betty a Special Friend   28/10/1911 - 4/1/2009 R.I.P.

    Betty Campbell

  • Sue has now been my Partner since July 2013

    Susan Carlyle

  • Eve a good friend who passed away in 2005

    Evelyn King

  • I have known Lucien since we met at Primary School

    Lucien Hoebeeck

  • I met Pat again after 40 years and now she is a Special Friend

    Pat Miller

  • Sylvia  a collegue at Age Conern St Austell

    Sylvia Rundle

  • In Loving Memory of Chris a Special friend   29/10/1947 - 29/10/2018 RIP

    Chris Sweeney

  • A Work Colleague of My Mother Kathleen

    Rosemary Taylor

  • Sylvia Gardner a Friend who Mary and I met in 2002

    Sylvia Gardner